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Gordon Padgett, Sr.

Contributing Writer

Gordon is a process improvement manager who is constantly looking for ways to improve and streamline business procedures. Throughout his lengthy career, he has been admired for his tremendous leadership skills and is mentor to a junior process engineer. He and his wife love to travel and enjoy trying local cuisines along the way.

Charmaine Brewster


Charmaine is a forecast analyst and loves working with numbers and details. She has been working with progressively larger companies throughout her 25-year career. During her time away from the office, she loves to run and is often training for half marathons. Her goal is to run a half marathon in each of the 50 states.

Mark Fiore

Writer and Editor

Mark began his career as a receiving specialist in a retail store when he was first in college. He decided early on to change his goal from becoming a team trainer for the New England Patriots to working his way up the supply chain ladder. Mark earned a master’s degree in supply chain management and has remained in retail for 19 years. He presently works as supply chain manager for the headquarters of an international brand. In his spare time, he still enjoys football and rooting for his favorite team.


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