What is the Demonstrated Logistician (DL) Program?

Becoming a logistician typically requires at least a bachelor’s degree. Many logisticians choose to obtain their master’s degrees to purse additional opportunities in their supply chain management career, but this can be a difficult investment of time and money for others to make. If a master’s degree is not part of your career path, consider pursuing your Demonstrated Logistician certification instead. The International Society of Logisticians, also known as SOLE, administers the program and offers three levels of recognition for logisticians who would like formal acknowledgement of their skillset.

What is SOLE?

Formerly known as the Society of Logistics Engineers, SOLE was founded in 1966 to support the international community of logisticians. The non-profit organization is one of the premier professional development societies for logisticians around the world. It boasts more than 90 chapters in 50 countries, with each chapter conducting technical meetings, symposia and workshops designed to advance members’ careers. Members receive access to the society’s bi-monthly journal, annual conferences, career counseling, special interest groups and certification programs.

The Demonstrated Logistician Program

Through the Demonstrated Logistician program, mid-career logisticians can receive recognition of their performance in the supply chain field. There are three levels to the program: Demonstrated Logistician, Demonstrated Senior Logistician and Demonstrated Master Logistician. Each level requires varying amounts of professional education through college credit or equivalent courses, technical training associated with the applicant’s specialization and enabler training related to business or government.

Applicants are not required to begin at the Demonstrated Logistician level and work their way up. They may instead apply for the designation that best suits their career experience. However, some logisticians may find the continuing education requirements of each level beneficial. The necessary courses can provide them with a strong framework for staying up to date on best practices and learning valuable professional skills.

Application Process

Applicants will qualify for the Demonstrated Logistician designation if they have one year of professional experience and a bachelor’s degree, two years of experience and an associate’s degree, or three years of experience and no degree. Those who hold a master’s or doctorate may apply after six months of experience. To apply, interested logisticians must submit an application, which can be found online on SOLE’s website. There are different applications for Army personnel, Raytheon and Boeing employees and all other applicants. Supporting documentation, including transcripts, reference letters and copies of any awards conferred, must also be submitted. No formal exam is required to obtain any of the Demonstrated Logistician designations.

SOLE requires that Demonstrated Logisticians and above continue their education through formal, functional and enabler training. Formal education includes courses offered by accredited schools or non-educational institutions with similar attendance and participation requirements. Functional and enabler course commitments can be met by taking short classes that focus on technical knowledge and integration, such as ethics and process training, and are offered by employers or SOLE chapters.

Program Benefits

Successful applicants will receive a certificate recognizing their designation and a lapel pin. They may also use the appropriate abbreviation of their designation – DL, DSL or DML – on business cards, stationery, resumes and other professional materials and settings. They will also be enrolled as SOLE members and receive all of the membership benefits, including access to seminars, networking events, professional guidance and more.

For those currently serving in the military, Demonstrated Logistician designations can be used for promotion points to help you reach the next rank. The application process is slightly different, as it takes military training into consideration.

Obtaining your Demonstrated Logistician designation shows employers that you take your career seriously and are willing to dedicate your time to continually learning about supply chain management. This, in turn, demonstrates a strong commitment to success and may make you a more attractive applicant for more senior roles.

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