Learning Supply Chain Management in Indiana

The term “supply chain” refers to the transfer of goods and services from the designer to the buyer. Logisticians are highly trained professionals who monitor items’ progress through the supply chain, informing clients about this progress along the way. They aim to manage the process in a timely and affordable manner to help both suppliers and end users save money.

Most logistician roles will require you to have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as business, operations management or supply chain management. In some instances, employers may be willing to hire applicants with an associate’s degree or sufficient work experience. It is not necessary to hold a master’s degree for entry-level work, though pursuing one in the future may open additional career opportunities and higher salaries. Students in Indiana can consider the following schools for their degree.

Indiana Bachelor’s Programs

Bachelor’s degrees are often required for entry-level logistician roles. The following schools offer relevant programs:

  • University of Notre Dame. The University of Notre Dame’s prestigious business school offers a degree in Management and Organization, which includes courses on strategy, supply chain management and business communications.
  • Indiana Tech. Students at Indiana Tech can choose from a variety of Business Administration specialties, including general management, production management and management information systems.

Master’s Degree Options

A master’s degree, while optional, can help you unlock better jobs and higher salaries. Students in Indiana can consider these programs:

  • Purdue University. Purdue’s Master’s degree in Global Supply Chain Management prepares students for handling operations, analytics and supply chain on a worldwide scale. The traditional program takes 18 months to complete, while the accelerated option takes just 10 months.
  • Goshen College. Goshen offers an online Master’s in Business Administration that can be completed within 21 months. It includes two residency programs for in-person instruction along with the online curriculum.

Pursuing Associate’s Degrees and Certificates

Community colleges in Indiana, such as Ivy Tech Community College and Vincennes University, offer two-year associate’s degree programs in supply chain management.

There are several certificate programs available in addition to formal degree options. The American Production and Inventory Control Society offers several choices, including Certified Supply Chain Professional, Certified in Production Inventory Management and Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution programs.

Salary and Job Market Expectations

The Projections Managing Partnership estimates that jobs for logisticians in Indiana will grow by 11.2 percent in the 10 years to 2026, representing consistent demand for people with the skills to fill these roles.

The average annual salary for a logistician in the state is $67,670, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Working in Supply Chain Management in Indiana

Logisticians can work in a variety of industries, such as manufacturing, government, retail, trade, scientific services and technical services. These jobs can be found at logistical firms, which specialize in logistics for several companies, or as part of an in-house team at one business. Most logisticians work full-time, 40-hour workweeks with occasional overtime and travel.

In addition to technical knowledge, skills like clear communication, customer service and critical thinking can help you succeed in this field. These skills give you the tools necessary to manage expectations and solve problems on the job. Cities like Indianapolis will offer the most job opportunities and highest salaries, which compensate for the higher cost of living in urban areas, though work can be found throughout the state.

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