Learning Supply Chain Management in Louisiana

Before a product or service reaches the end user, it goes through what is known as the supply chain. This process begins when the product is first designed, continues as it is transported from stage to stage and is finally complete when it is delivered. Logisticians are responsible for managing this process. They track the product’s life cycle and manage time and money for the project effectively to ensure the best results.

A bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite for most entry-level logistician positions. Some employers may be willing to hire those with associate’s degrees or equivalent work experience and even help these employees continue their education. A four-year degree is preferred, however, due to the specialized knowledge these courses provide.

Some logisticians choose to obtain a master’s degree later on in their careers. While a master’s is not required for entry-level roles, holding an advanced degree can open up new job opportunities later. Popular degrees include business, operations management or supply chain management.

The following schools offer associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in Louisiana for prospective logisticians.

Louisiana Bachelor’s Degrees

These schools offer degree programs that can help you begin your career as a logistician. Most employers prefer to hire applicants with at least a bachelor’s degree.

  • Louisiana Tech University. Louisiana Tech gives its Sustainable Supply Chain Management degree a unique focus. Students learn the basics of supply chain management but also consider social responsibility and environmental awareness as part of their studies.
  • Southeastern Louisiana University. Students in Southeastern Louisiana University’s Supply Chain Management program will learn about operations management, marketing and information systems in addition to supply chain management. The university’s Institute for Supply Chain Management offers networking opportunities outside of the classroom.
  • Louisiana State University. LSU offers a degree in Business Management and Administration, in which students learn to manage human, financial, physical and information resources. The program is also available online for those who require additional flexibility.

Master’s Degrees in Business Administration

A master’s degree is typically not required for entry-level jobs, though it can help logisticians qualify for higher-paying roles later in their careers.

  • University of New Orleans. The University of New Orleans offers a 42 credit-hour Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) that can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis. The course uses business simulations and case studies in conjunction with traditional forms of study.
  • University of the Holy Cross. The Master’s in Management program offers an alternative to the traditional MBA degree. The program is designed for students who work full-time while they study, allowing for flexible scheduling.
  • Louisiana State University. LSU offers full- and part-time MBA programs, a portion of which can be completed online. Students can specialize in a pre-designed concentration, such as finance, or design their own concentration to best meet their academic needs.

Certificate and Associate’s Degree Options

Various community colleges and technical schools in Louisiana offer two-year degree programs in fields relevant to supply chain management and logistics. Delgado Community College offers a two-year degree in Business and Management with a concentration in Logistics Management, which can provide a foundation an ideal foundation for future studies.

Many logisticians choose to obtain certificates that demonstrate more in-depth knowledge in a particular area of supply chain management in addition to their formal education. The American Production and Inventory Control Society offers certificates in Certified Supply Chain Professional, Certified in Production Inventory Management and Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution programs.

Salary and Employment Estimates

The job market for logisticians in Louisiana is rapidly expanding, with the Projections Managing Partnership predicting growth of 12.5 percent in the 10 years to 2026. This is nearly double the national average of 7 percent growth in the same time period.

Logisticians in Louisiana can expect to make an average of $38.10 per hour, which translates to a full-time salary of $79,240 per year. Particularly competitive salaries in the state can exceed $127,500 per year.

Working in Supply Chain Management in Louisiana

Logisticians can find work in manufacturing, government contracting, management, scientific and technical services and wholesale trade, among other industries. They may work for logistical firms, which handle supply chain management for several clients, or for a single company. You can expect to work 40 hours per week as a logistician, with occasional overtime and travel required when necessary.

Communication,critical thinking and customer service skills are just as important as your formal education. These abilities will allow you to effectively manage relationships with suppliers and customers while quickly solving any problems that may occur along the way.

Jobs can be found throughout the state, though the highest concentration of jobs can typically be found in cities like Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Salaries in these areas are typically higher to account for the increased cost of living in urban areas.

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