Educational Opportunities for Supply Chain Management in Tennessee

Before a product reaches its final destination, it goes through an extensive process called the chain of supply, or supply chain. The supply chain involves everything from the moment a product is designed to the gathering of raw materials, manufacturing and transportation. Because of the complexity of the process, companies must rely on individuals trained on how to handle the product efficiently. These individuals are commonly known as logisticians, or supply chain managers (SCMs).

Supply chain management is a steadily growing field with employment opportunities expected to grow by seven percent from 2016 to 2026. So, if you are interested in entering the world of business, a career in supply chain management might be right for you. But first, you will need to learn the skills and knowledge necessary to become an effective SCM. Most employers require a bachelor’s degree for an entry-level position in supply chain management, but some may be willing to hire someone with an associate’s degree and relevant work experience. While a master’s degree is not required in this field, it can provide additional job opportunities and better pay in the future.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Tennessee

In order to start a career as a supply chain manager, you will probably need to earn a bachelor’s degree. Luckily, these Tennessee-based universities offer four-year programs in SCM:

  • University of Tennessee, Knoxville: The Haslam College of Business at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville offers a program for a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a concentration in supply chain management. The program also offers students opportunities for networking and hands-on learning through site visits and events.
  • Tennessee State University: The Tennessee State University offers a BBA with a concentration in supply change management as well. This program helps working and other non-traditional students by offering online classes in addition to regular morning and evening classes.
  • University of Memphis: The University of Memphis offers a BBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. The program provides students with the knowledge and skills required to start a successful career in SCM including strategic sourcing, inventory management and materials management.

Master’s Degree Opportunities in Tennessee

Although a master’s degree is not necessary to establish a career in supply chain management, it may provide you with an edge and make you stand out to potential employers. These are some of the ways you can earn a master’s degree in logistics or supply chain management.

  • University of Tennessee, Knoxville: In addition to its BBA program, the Haslam College of Business also offers a Master of Science (MS) in Global Supply Chain Management. This program integrates students from Germany, China and the United States, providing them with a global perspective on the subject. In order to be admitted into the program, you must take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE), but this requirement may be waived for students who qualify. They also offer an online option for long-distance students.
  • Middle Tennessee State University: Like UTK, the Jennings A. Jones College of Business at Middle Tennessee University offers an MS in Supply Chain Management. The program gives student opportunities to earn experience by placing them in real-world work environments and allows them to improve their planning, communication and decision-making skills.

Associate’s Degree and Certificate Options

Although typically a bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for entry-level logistician positions, some employers may be willing to hire a candidate who has an associate’s degree and relevant work experience.

Volunteer State Community College offers an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. Nashville State Community Collegealso offers AAS degree in Business with a concentration on logistics as well as Technical Certificates in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Employment and Salary Outlook

Jobs for supply chain managers in Tennessee are expected to grow by 17 percent by the year 2026, as reported by the Projections Managing Partnership (PMP). This is well above the national average of 7 percent.

The average hourly salary for a logistician in Tennessee is $30.29, which translates into an average annual salary of $63,000. This is lower than the national yearly average of $74,000 for this field, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Working as a Supply Chain Manager in Tennessee

Logisticians typically work in an office environment and can find employment opportunities in multiple industries such as manufacturing, government contracting, retail and wholesale. Logistician positions tend to be full-time and require 40-hour work weeks, although overtime and travel is also common.

In order to have a successful career in logistics and SCM, you will need strong communication, critical thinking and customer service skills, as logisticians often have to interact and coordinate with clients as well as suppliers. Logistician jobs are available throughout the state, though cities like Nashville, Memphis and Greenville offer the most opportunities.

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