Becoming a Supply Chain Manager in Rhode Island

Have you always wanted to work in the world of business? You may want to consider a career in supply chain management (SCM), or logistics. Before a product is shelved or delivered, it must go through what is known as the “supply chain.” The supply chain process includes the inception of a product as well as the collection of materials, and its production and shipping until it reaches the consumer. SCMs, also known as logisticians, are the individuals responsible for overseeing this process and ensuring that a product reaches its final destination.

Supply chain management is steadily growing and becoming one of the most important jobs in the industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that employment opportunities for SCMs and logisticians will grow by seven percent by the year 2026. SCM is a highly competitive field, though, and requires excellent organizational, analytical and problem-solving skills. Most employers expect a bachelor’s degree in SCM or a related field for an entry-level position, but some may hire a candidate with an associate’s degree and/or equivalent experience.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs for SCMs

A bachelor’s degree is the first step to starting a successful career in SCM and logistics. In Rhode Island, these universities offer four-year programs in the field:

  • University of Rhode Island: The University of Rhode Island College of Business offers a Bachelor of Science (BS) program in Supply Chain Management that’s considered one of the best in the nation. In it, you will learn everything from customer analytics to logistics and distribution management.
  • Bryan University: The Bryant University College of Business offers a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Global Supply Chain Management, with electives focusing on topics such as international trade logistics and global sourcing. The program also provides students with hands-on learning and industry experience.

Master’s Degree Programs for SCMs

Although a master’s degree is not necessary for a career in supply chain management and logistics, it will make you stand out among other job prospects in the competitive world of business.

  • University of Rhode Island: URI’s College of Business also offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program with a specialization in supply chain management. The program takes a year to complete for full-time students, but the university also offers a 2.5-year program for non-traditional students.
  • Bryant University: Bryant University College of Business is another option for those trying to further their knowledge of SCM. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at this school has a specialization in supply chain management, as well.

Projected Employment and Salary

In Rhode Island, the SCM and logistician field is expected to grow by 12.2 percent within the next seven years, according to the Projections Managing Partnership (PMP). This is above the national average of 7 percent for this profession.

The average hourly salary for a SCM in Rhode Island is $47.71, which adds up to $99,230 a year. This is significantly higher than the national average of $35.86, which translates to $74,600 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Working as a SCM

When becoming a logistician, you should expect to work in an office environment the majority of the time, although sometimes traveling and site-visits may be required. You will also have the choice to work in a variety of industries including government contracting, manufacturing, and science and technical services.

In Rhode Island, job opportunities for SCMs and logisticians are located mainly in Providence and Portsmouth, but they can be found all through the state.

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