Nebraska Supply Chain Manager School Options

What do you call the life of a product from its creation to the moment it’s purchased by a consumer? The supply chain is the technical title that describes the entire product lifetime. Within that lifetime, the supply chain also describes smaller processes such as product design, manufacturing, shipping and warehousing. With advanced processes for products in today’s world, many companies use the help of supply chain managers (SCMs) or logisticians.

These professionals watch over, troubleshoot and streamline the product supply chain process. Some SCMs focus entirely on transportation and warehousing of products, while other focus more on the ordering of raw materials and manufacturing processes. The bottom line for all logisticians is to maximize company profits by ensuring the supply chain is efficient in cost and speed.

If you’d like to become a logistician, you’ll need to gain some formal education first. Most logisticians begin with at least a bachelor’s degree in supply chain management or business. Advanced degree options are available for SCMs as well as shorter programs for those who are looking to enter the career world a bit faster.

A Bachelor’s Degree: The Bare Minimum

It’s a smart idea to get your bachelor’s degree before entering the workforce, because you’ll be competing for jobs against logisticians with degrees. Some options for SCM bachelor’s degrees in Nebraska include:

  • Bellevue University. This school’s Bachelor of Science (BS) in Supply Chainand Logistics Management includes education in global sourcing, Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), international trade regulations and more. Students study in the accounting, economics, finance and other departments to earn a well-rounded degree.
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln. After spending four years in this program, you could earn your Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (MBA). The program requires 120 credit hours, 33 of which should specialize in SCM. A 2.5 GPA is required for graduation.

Master’s Options for Nebraska Logisticians

Sometimes,logisticians wish to advance their careers further. In these cases, you might wish to pursue a master’s degree in the field of SCM or business. The following schools offer master’s programs in business and SCM:

  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln. You can complete a Master of Science in Business Analytics at this school. Classes are offered 100 percent online and last for eight-week periods. They’re also flexible in scheduling for students who are balancing jobs with school. This school’s tuition is competitive, currently at $630 per credit hour, with a total of 30 credit hours required to graduate.
  • University of Nebraska-Omaha. In the Master of Business Administration degree at this school, students can take a Concentration in Supply Chain Management.The concentration requires nine credit hours of study.

Alternative Educations for SCMs

For those who want to get started in the supply chain field but already hold a bachelor’s degree or want something shorter than a bachelor’s degree, other educational options may be ideal. Perhaps you already have some background in business (with a business degree) and you just want to learn a bit about SCM. Or, maybe you have no prior education or experience and want to get your career started quickly. These schools offer shortened programs:

  • Southeast Community College. Located in Lincoln, this school offers an associate’s degree (AAS), certificate or diploma in Business Administration. Students can enter advanced and accelerated bachelor’s programs at other schools after completing the AAS here.
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The graduate Certificate program in Supply Chain Management lasts four blocks of eight-week courses. The certificate is available 100 percent online. Prerequisites include four prerequisite business courses with at least a “C” or better grade earned in each.

Boosting Your Resume with Certifications

You aren’t required to hold certifications in SCM in order to practice, but becoming certified by APICS can give you an advantage in the job field. APICS oversees the field of supply chain management on a national level, and its credentials hold value to employers. Soon, APICS will become the Association for Supply Chain Management(ACSM). At that point in time, credentials will be granted by ACSM.

A Closer Look at Logisticians

Logisticians in the state of Nebraska received a median income of $54,730 per year in 2017, reported the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). By the year 2026, the employment rates for these professionals is expected to increase by 11.5 percent in the state of Nebraska. This growth rate looks good for Nebraska compared to the rest of the country, which has a predicted growth rate of 7 percent by comparison.

Logisticians work in almost all industries, including manufacturing, governmental and service industries. They usually work full-time 40-hour weeks or more, depending on their clients’ needs. If a supply chain manager wants to advance in their career, there are plenty of educational options available for them to do so.

Logisticians in Nebraska and Beyond

To get an idea of the best places in Nebraska to work, let’s look at some data about these professionals from the BLS in 2017. By far, the highest number of logisticians within the state worked in the Omaha area that year, with other areas of residence containing many fewer logisticians. Omaha also had the highest employment rate for logisticians per 1,000 jobs. However, the highest-paid logisticians in Nebraska worked in Lincoln that same year. It looks like living near Omaha or Lincoln might be your best bet if you want to secure logistician employment in Nebraska.

If the career field of supply chain management sounds like something you’d have a knack for, start looking at your educational options now. Lots of schools offer degrees in this field, which makes it easy for you to find opportunities that work for you. On the other hand, you’ll need to be dedicated enough to finish a bachelor’s degree to get started in this field.

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