Supply Chain Management Education and Training in New Mexico

If you’re willing to go to school for a few years to earn a degree, a career in supply chain management and logistics is a great option for a secure future. In New Mexico, jobs for these management and business professionals are growing faster than the national average, and the salaries are competitive. There are no licensing requirements to become a logistician, but for most positions you will need a bachelor’s degree.

A logistician, or a professional who works in supply chain management or operations management, is someone who is responsible for streamlining, troubleshooting and managing a product’s life cycle. This includes everything from the design of the product to its final delivery to a buyer.

Most logisticians have a degree in business with a special focus on logistics or supply chain management. They are responsible for allocating materials, products and supplies, developing and managing client relationships, finding areas of a product life cycle that can be improved, fixing problems in the supply chain, and managing and tracking product movement.

What You Need to Be a Logistician in New Mexico

The state of New Mexico does not set any requirements for education, training or licensing for supply chain managers. However, most employers who hire these professionals prefer candidates with a four-year degree in business and supply chain management.

You may also be able to find an entry-level position with a two-year degree. From there you can learn on the job and work up to a higher position. If you have worked in a related field to supply chain management, it is possible to find a job as a logistician based on work experience, although some on-the-job training will likely be required.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Degree Programs in New Mexico

There is just one school in the state that offers business degrees in supply chain management and logistics: The National American University in Albuquerque. Here you can earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Supply Chain Management. The program includes courses in logistics and transportation management, quality management in the supply chain, manufacturing planning and control and other related subjects.

The National American University also offers an Associate of Science Degree in Business Logistics. This is similar to supply chain management with courses like transportation logistics, operations management, and demand forecasting and inventory management. This degree takes just two years to complete.

Because the programs in the state are limited, another option is to earn a business management or administration degree. For instance, at the University of New Mexico you can work toward a degree in business administration with a focus on operations management. This is not as specific as a degree in supply chain management, but it can put you on the right career path with courses in manufacturing systems management, materials and supply chain management, and operations management.

Supply Chain Management Certifications

You do not need to be certified to work in logistics or supply chain management, but certification can be a great way to set yourself apart from other job candidates or to advance in your current position. Logisticians can be certified through the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS). Options include Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSPC), Certified in Production Inventory Management (CPIM), and Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD).

The International Society of Logistics (SOLE) also offers certifications for supply chain management professionals. You can earn a certificate to become a qualified Demonstrated Logistician, followed by Demonstrated Senior Logistician and Master Logistician. With those achieved, you can work toward becoming a Certified Master Logistician and a Professional Logistician.

Logistician Careers and Salaries in New Mexico

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that demand for qualified logisticians is high in all states. The growth in the career nationwide is seven percent, matching average job growth. But in New Mexico, growth is much more significant and faster than average. Here, the number of logistician jobs is growing by 12.5 percent. This means you can expect to find more open positions in this career in the coming years.

The average national salary for logisticians is $74,600 per year and $35.86 per hour. In New Mexico, you can expect to earn more. The average salary in the state in supply chain management was $79,870 per year and $38.40 per hour in May of 2017. With certifications, leadership roles and experience on the job, you can earn even more in this field. Logisticians in New Mexico who earn the most are making around $124,000 per year.

Working in Supply Chain Management in New Mexico

Demand for logisticians in the state is high, and new positions are opening up all the time. This means you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a job after you earn your degree. Larger cities in New Mexico will have the most job opportunities, so consider starting your search in and around Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Rio Rancho and Santa Fe.

There are several types of companies that hire logisticians in New Mexico. About 25 percent of these professionals work for manufacturing companies to manage the products they make. But another 20 percent work for the federal government. Logisticians are also needed for companies in wholesale trade and those that offer scientific, technical and professional services. You may also look for a position with a supply chain management company that offers these specific services to other companies.

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