SCOR Professional (SCOR-P) Endorsement

A credential that can show employers your dedication to logistics and accentuate your supply chain management (SCM) career is the SCOR Professional (SCOR-P) endorsement offered by APICS. This credential is awarded to those who take in-depth training in the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model through APICS and demonstrate their understanding through an exam. The SCOR model is a globally recognized model of supply chain management that maximizes efficiency in the supply chain and standardizes the approach taken.

Note that the SCOR-P designation is an endorsement rather than a certification, like the CPIM, CSCP and CLTD.

Why Should You Earn a SCOR-P Certification?

If you already have some experience in the logistics field, earning your SCOR-P is a great way to show employers you’re familiar with industry standards and can add value to the supply chain within your organization. This endorsement shows others in the industry that you’ve invested in your career to learn the best strategies out there.

The SCOR model is composed of six parts: Plan, Source, Make, Deliver, Return and Enable. Mastering this framework can help you:

  • Standardize performance metrics within a supply chain
  • Build processes to understand supply chain activities
  • Create best practices
  • Manage supply chain resources in the area of training and supporting employees

Who is Eligible for the SCOR-P Endorsement?

Some experience in the supply chain industry is necessary to get started with your SCOR-P training. In order to be eligible for the SCOR-P exam, you must successfully complete a training course issued by APICS. Instructor-led, individual SCOR-P training is available at many APICS locations or online, and the APICS website contains a directory so you can find a course near you. APICS also offers in-house training at businesses to train and endorse entire logistics work teams.

What Happens After You Complete Training?

At the end of SCOR-P training, applicants should apply for SCOR-P Authorizations to Test (ATT), which remain in effect for two months after they’re granted. Applicants must take a specific APICS SCOR-P exam within that two-month timeframe in order to be eligible for endorsement.

What is On the SCOR-P Exam?

Candidates who successfully complete SCOR-P training through APICS should have a thorough understanding of the SCOR model and be able to understand all material on the exam. The exam consists of two parts and is 60 questions in length. Test-takers have two hours to complete the entire exam.

Forty percent of the exam consists of testing on the SCOR model—applicants show an understanding of Key Concepts, Processes, Performance, Best Practices and Skills. The other 60 percent of the exam is a SCOR Project in which applicants demonstrate Key Concepts, Pre-SCOR, Scope, Configuration, Optimization and Readiness.

Test Fees and Scoring

The SCOR-P exam price is included in the cost of SCOR-P training, which varies by location and program. The cost to retake a SCOR-P exam is $350. APICS PLUS Members may be able to take courses at a reduced price, while APICS CORE Members and nonmembers will pay full price. The cost for an APICS PLUS membership is $220 per year, while the cost for an APICS CORE membership is $180 per year. If you are being trained through your business, they may cover your training and exam cost.

The exam is scored using a scaled-scoring model, which ensures the equivalency of scores on multiple exam formats. SCOR test scores range from 200 to 350. Those scores from 300 to 350 are passing scores, while scores of 299 or below are failing scores.

How to Find More Information

For more information regarding the SCOR-P endorsement, visit the SCOR-P section of the APICS website. APICS also provides a search tool to help you find instructor-led SCOR-P training near your location.

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