Arizona State University MS In Global Logistics

Arizona State University was founded in 1885 and is one of the most reputable colleges in the United States. With a high student retention percentage and over 100,000 students enrolled, ASU is an excellent option for future students who want to resume their education.

ASU strives to provide the best experiences for their students by keeping class sizes small, using engaging case studies and projects, and providing flexibility through online instruction (ASU Online).

If you’re thinking about going back to school to earn your Master of Science Degree in Global Logistics, you should consider attending ASU. The faculty know what it takes to help students build deep expertise in this in-demand field.

Check out these details about the features, pros, and cons of this degree program below to aid you in making a decision.

Why Global Logistics?

Global logistics is the methodology of regulating the flow of goods via the supply chain, from where products are assembled to where they are consumed.

A lot of strategic planning goes into guaranteeing that products are transported securely to the correct location, and even one small mistake could throw off the whole process, leaving many people unhappy and the economy in poor condition.

With all of this being said, global logistics and supply chain management departments are rapidly increasing and growing more extensive and complex daily, creating new job opportunities.

Therefore, more professionals trained in these areas must enter the field to keep businesses operating smoothly and the economy healthy.

However, many logistic analyst positions require a master’s degree or higher because of the elaborate range of skills necessary to run a smooth operation.

This is why many people go back to school to expand their understanding of running a supply chain’s essential duties and responsibilities.

If you want to improve your chances of receiving a higher-paying position in logistics, earning a degree from an accredited MS-GL program is the best course of action.

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Highly Rated Features of Carey School of Business and its MS-GL Program

As one of the largest business schools in the United States, The Carey School of Business at ASU offers only top-notch degree programs, including the Master of Science in Global Logistics degree.

This program is designed to help students prepare for the workforce upon graduation, delivering specialized knowledge to develop a stronger foundation to solve global operations challenges and enjoy a lifelong career.

The program has a curriculum developed by what’s considered one of the nation’s best supply chain management departments. As a result, the courses challenge students to think critically and apply what they have learned each semester to resolve real-world issues within the growing international field.

Moreover, this MS-GL degree program provides plenty of networking opportunities, as it places students directly in Phoenix West Valley’s logistics community.

This brings distinct advantages to students because it places them right in the middle of the action, allowing students to develop a unique insight into emerging markets and giving them a stronger foundation to understand multicultural perspectives.

Carey Master degree programs are inclusive and diverse, welcoming all potential students (including international students outside the country) to apply and gain acceptance into the program.

As a bonus, the application process is brief and straightforward to complete. All that is required is basic personal information and your scores from your GMAT exam.

Have necessary documents and credentials (found on the school’s official webpage) before the appropriate deadlines.

Pros of ASU’s MS in Global Logistics


Preparation for Emerging Markets

As particular countries grow economically and become more active in the business world with other nations, the need for global logisticians will increase.

However, to successfully engage in business with another country, you need to have a specific skill set and the degree to handle complex systems.

Thus, obtaining an advanced Global Logistics MS degree can benefit you because you’ll be able to study and learn about valuable techniques and technology.

Superior Curriculum

One of the pros of entering ASU’s MS in Global Logistics is that they possess a superior curriculum developed and designed to show innovative strategies for running a smooth supply chain.

Within nine months as a full-time student, you will learn how to be financially savvy and save costs in multiple ways. Courses cover several negotiating tactics to help you bargain with others for the best prices and conditions.

Quality control is another crucial factor that instructors will cover through courses in the program, so you will know what to look for and how to resolve imperfections in the system.

Hands-on Experience

Another benefit of attending ASU’s MS-GL degree program is that it tests you on all the skills taught through a complex hands-on project before graduation.

In the final project, students resolve a real-world issue through logistics and explain how problem-solving saves an established business.

This final project is valuable for improving your professional profile and gaining experience dealing with emerging markets. It gives students the opportunity to apply theory to a fictional but realistic scenario they might encounter in the workforce.

Access to the School of Business

Through the school of business at ASU, you’ll learn new information that can help you improve and build deep expertise to solve global operations challenges.

While you continue to acquire specialized knowledge in the Global Logistics MS program, you’ll gain a unique insight into what is needed in a thriving supply chain management role.

Cons of ASU’s MS in Global Logistics

High-Performance Requirements

A potential con for attending ASU’s MS-GL degree program is that it is not the easiest program to enter. Typically, to be considered for approval, students must have GMAT scores of 650 or higher and recommendation resume proof.

Additionally, students who enter this Carey Master degree program will be expected to have some basic knowledge about the growing international field of supply chain management and understand multicultural perspectives at a fundamental level.

However, this is because the Carey School of Business is mainly looking for dedicated, high-performing students who will meet the intense challenges provided by the degree program.

Desert Climate

The state of AZ may not be suitable for people who are sensitive to heat to visit, as it typically has a hot, dry climate throughout the year. See more Logistics degree programs in Arizona.

Although, the Master of Science in Global Logistics degree program is available online if you desire to attend classes off-campus.


The cost of attending a graduate degree program at ASU is $11,720 for residents of AZ, which is reasonable. However, out-of-state student tuition is $23,544, which is much higher.

On top of tuition, the university charges a $250 graduate student support fee. Students are also responsible for additional costs, such as books/curriculum materials, transportation, housing, meals, and other personal expenses.

On the bright side, they do accept multiple forms of financial aid.

Application Deadlines and Monetary Aid


To be admitted into the MS-GL degree program at ASU, you need to have the following items:

  1. Fill out the online application on the official website
  2. Current Resume
  3. Admission essay
  4. Recommender contact information and one letter of recommendation
  5. Application fee ($70 domestic students; $115 international students)
  6. GMAT or GRE test scores
  7. Official transcripts from the college you received your undergraduate degree

International Students

If you’re an international student, you will follow the same process as domestic students. However, you will have to turn in proof showing that you are proficient in English.

Once accepted, you’ll also need to acquire a United States visa, including submitting a graduate financial guarantee.

Application Final Deadline and Fee

Application deadlines fall on the first of the month in October, December, February, April, and July. Failure to submit application materials on time will result in your application being pushed back to the next round.

If your application is approved, a non-refundable fee of $500 is required by ASU before you can begin classes.

Financial Aid


If you are using financial aid to pay for your tuition and fees, you will need to complete some additional steps, such as:

  1. Filling out the Online Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form
  2. Make sure that you send your FAFSA information to the correct institution
  3. Scholarship application (ASU offers scholarships to qualified students)
  4. Private Loans (Awarded by Private Lenders)
  5. Grants (Given to eligible students who apply)


While it will take hard work to become accepted into the program and graduate, students will be prepared to apply logistics to real-world scenarios.

Get started on your journey and become a full-time Global Logistics MS student at ASU before the next semester begins. You can visit Arizona State University’s official website for all the necessary forms on their webpage, along with any other information about the admission process or financial aid offered by the college.