A bundle is a group of products that are shipped together as an unassembled unit. Bundles can save on shipping costs because they are shipped as a single package. When the products are assembled, they are typically put together in an order that makes sense for the customer.

Bundling is often used when a company offers a product that can be broken down into several smaller parts. For example, a washing machine may be sold as a bundle that includes the washer, the water hook-up kit, and the delivery. This is beneficial to the customer because it saves them time and money.

There are several benefits to bundling products. Shipping costs are reduced because the products are shipped as a unit. The products can also be assembled quickly and easily, which reduces labour costs. In addition, customers may be more likely to purchase a bundled product because it is less expensive than purchasing the products separately.

Bundling can be a successful way for companies to sell their products, but it is important to make sure that the products are compatible and can be assembled quickly and easily.

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