Certified Supplier

Certififed Supplier is a status awarded to a supplier who consistently meets predetermined quality, cost, delivery, financial, and count objectives. Incoming inspection may not be required.

Certified Supplier in Logistics is a supplier who meets predetermined quality, cost, delivery, financial, and count objectives for the logistics industry.

The benefits of becoming a certified supplier in logistics include:

  • Access to new business opportunities with buyers throughout the world who demand certified suppliers.
  • Reduced inspection and audit costs due to increased confidence in supplier performance.
  • Potential reduction in freight costs as a result of buyers’ preference for certified suppliers.
  • Recognition of quality and performance by customers, peers, and industry organizations.

How does a company become certified? Requirements vary depending on the certification program; however, most programs require an initial application and documentation demonstrating that the company meets the program’s criteria.

Once certified, how is the supplier monitored to ensure continued compliance? Certification bodies conduct surveillance audits and/or require annual renewal to ensure that certified suppliers continue to meet program requirements.