A conference in logistics is a group of vessel operators who have joined together for the purpose of establishing freight rates. This can be beneficial for both the operators and their customers, as it allows for a more competitive market and more accurate pricing.

By working together, the conference members can agree on shipping rates that are fair for all parties involved. This can help to keep costs down and ensure that goods are transported as efficiently as possible.

In order to be effective, a conference in logistics needs to have a large membership base. This allows for greater bargaining power when negotiating rates with shipping companies and other suppliers.

It can also be helpful to have representatives from different parts of the world, as this will give the group a broader perspective when setting prices.

The original name was a steamship conference, which consisted of operators of steamships in the North Atlantic.

The first modern conference was created in 1965, when a group of European vessel operators got together to discuss rates for the transportation of oil.

Today, there are dozens of conferences around the world that focus on different aspects of logistics. Some of the more notable ones include the World Container Conference, the Multimodal Transport Association and the International Air Cargo Association.