Cubage is the volume of space that is used or available for shipping or storage. It is usually expressed in cubic meters or cubic feet. The cubage of a container is important for logistics because it determines how much cargo or inventory can be stored or shipped. In order to optimize the use of space, it is important to know the cubage of the containers being used.

The most common usages of cubage are in the shipping and storage industries. In these industries, cubage is often used to calculate the cost of transport or storage. It is also used to determine the size of a container that is needed for a particular shipment.

Cubage can also be used in other industries, such as manufacturing. For example, when a company is considering outsourcing production to a foreign country, they may need to take into account the cubage of the factories in that country. This will help them to determine if they have enough space to produce their products.

Overall, cubage is an important concept in logistics that can be used in a variety of applications. By understanding cubage, businesses can save money and make more efficient use of their space.