Dedicated Contract Carriage

A dedicated contract carriage is a third-party logistics service in which a company dedicates equipment (vehicles) and drivers to a single customer for its exclusive use on a contractual basis. This type of arrangement can provide many benefits for both the customer and the service provider, including improved efficiency and cost savings.

For the customer, the dedicated contract carriage can provide a number of advantages:

  1. First, it can help to improve the efficiency of their operations by ensuring that they always have the right vehicle and driver available when they need them.
  2. Second, it can result in cost savings by eliminating the need to maintain their own fleet of vehicles.
  3. Finally, it can provide greater flexibility in terms of route planning and scheduling.

For the service provider, a dedicated contract carriage can help to:

  1. Ensure a predictable flow of business and improved profitability.
  2. It can also help to build stronger relationships with key customers.

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