The term “drayage” originates from the Old English word “dræge,” meaning “carrying or haulage.” In the context of logistics, drayage is the service offered by a motor carrier for the pick-up and delivery of ocean containers or rail containers. Drayage agents usually handle full-load containers for ocean and rail carriers.

Drayage is an important part of the intermodal transportation system, as it allows for the movement of containers between different modes of transportation. For example:

  • a container may be loaded onto a ship at an port,
  • then transported by truck to a rail yard,
  • and then loaded onto a train for long-haul transport.

Drayage services are typically provided by local or regional motor carriers, and rates are usually based on the weight of the container and the distance traveled. Because drayage is a key component of intermodal transportation, it is important for shippers to carefully compare rates and services when arranging for transport.

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