Dual Operation

A dual operation is a type of operation where a motor carrier has both common and contract carrier authority. This means that the company can provide service to the general public as well as under contract with another company. Having both types of authority gives the company more flexibility in how it provides services.

Benefits of having the dual operation:

  • The main benefit of having the dual operation is that it allows the company to tap into two different markets.
  • This can be helpful if one market is slow or contracting, as the company can still rely on the other market for business.
  • It also gives the company more options when it comes to pricing, as it can offer discounts to customers in one market while still charging full price in the other market.
  • Having a dual operation can also be helpful from a branding perspective. Having both types of authority can help the company build a more well-rounded brand that is seen as being able to provide a variety of services. This can make the company more attractive to potential customers and partners.

Overall, having a dual operation can be helpful for a motor carrier in terms of business flexibility and growth potential.