Evaluated Receipts Settlement (ERS)

Evaluated Receipts Settlement is a process for authorizing payment for goods based on actual receipts with purchase order data when the price has already been negotiated. The basic premise behind ERS is that all of the information in an invoice has already been transmitted in the shipping documentation. Therefore, the invoice is eliminated and the shipping documentation is used to pay the vendor.

ERS can be used in a number of different ways depending on organizational needs, but typically it is used as a way to streamline accounts payable processes and improve efficiency in supply chain management.

There are many benefits to using ERS, including:

  • The reduced processing time and costs associated with invoicing.
  • Improved accuracy of payments.
  • Increased visibility into the status of orders.
  • Reduced risk of fraud and errors.

Overall, using ERS can help to improve the efficiency of logistics operations and improve communication and coordination throughout the supply chain.

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