Field Service Parts

Field service parts are inventory items that are kept at locations outside the four walls of the manufacturing plant (i.e., distribution center or warehouse). They are typically used to support field service operations, such as:

  • repairs,
  • installations,
  • maintenance.

Field service parts can be either stocked or non-stocked. Stocked field service parts are inventory items that are actively managed and replenished, just like any other inventory item in the supply chain. Non-stocked field service parts, on the other hand, are not actively managed but are still available to support field service operations.

The decision of whether to stock or non-stock a field service part depends on a number of factors, such as the frequency and unpredictability of demand, the lead time for replenishment, and the cost of inventory. In general, field service parts that are required frequently and/or have long lead times are more likely to be stocked, while those that are required infrequently and/or have short lead times are more likely to be non-stocked.

Field service parts are an important part of the logistics operations for many companies, as they play a critical role in ensuring that field service operations can be carried out effectively and efficiently.