Free Along Side (FAS)

Free Along Side is a type of Incoterm typically used in international shipping contracts. Under this agreement, the seller is responsible for delivering the goods to the dock alongside the overseas vessel that is to carry the shipment. The seller pays the cost of getting the shipment to the dock; from that point on, the buyer contracts the carrier obtains documentation, and assumes all responsibility.

This arrangement is often used when the buyer plans to ship the goods onward from the port of loading, as it provides them with more control over how the goods are handled and transported. FAS can also be a good option when dealing with perishable goods or other time-sensitive shipments, as it allows for a shorter transit time.

However, there are some potential drawbacks to using FAS:

  • First, the buyer is responsible for any delays or damage that may occur once the goods are loaded onto the vessel.
  • Second, since the seller is not responsible for loading the goods onto the vessel, they may have less control over how they are handled – which could lead to damaged or lost items.

Overall, Free Along Side can be a good option for buyers who want more control over their shipment and are willing to assume responsibility for any delays or damage that may occur.

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