Becoming a Freight Broker in Delaware – Get Your License

Freight brokers play an invaluable role in the freight transportation scene. As a freight broker, you’ll be working as the vital link between the shipping companies and carriers.

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Delaware gets lots of freight moving in and out of the state like other states. That is because shippers want to work with dependable and honest brokers to help with the transportation and distribution of their freight. Therefore, you’ll enjoy competitive pricing and the opportunity to work with amazing people.

With the right skills set and certification, you can become a top freight broker in Delaware in no time. What’s more, you don’t need to take on special training to work in this career.So, how can you get started becoming a freight broker in Delaware?

This piece will cover the necessary skills, licenses, and certifications you need to become a freight broker in Delaware.

Skills and Basic Requirement to Become a Freight Broker in Delaware

As a freight broker, you’ll be in charge of connecting shippers to carriers and ensuring that everything goes according to schedule. You’ll ensure that all freights are transported and distributed safely and on schedule.

So, some skills will come in handy when carrying your everyday duties. You’ll need skills like

  • Time management
  • Communication and negotiation
  • Human relation
  • Business management
  • Sales and marketing

Keep in mind that you’ll be working closely with several people and looking for the best deals for all parties involved. Your communication and negotiation skills should be top-notch. Have a system of grouping your shippers and carriers, so you can easily match a shipper to the best carrier to meet their needs.

Educational Requirement

You don’t need any special training to start in the freight broker industry. You will only need to be a high school graduate with a diploma or have a GED as the basic educational requirement. However, getting formal academic training can help you quickly move up the ladder and start earning more in no time.

Besides, most freight brokering training are online-based with a flexible schedule. You can take your training anywhere and at any time. Here are a few great training options to consider:

  • Freight Movers School: The school offers two training options – online and offline. However, you can only take the online option in Georgia. You’ll learn everything about freight brokering basics and sales.
  • Freight Broker Camp: offered entirely online. With just $98, you’ll get access to the full six months of training, including negotiating methods, financial strategies, and other aspects of being a freight broker.
  • Brooke Training: You can opt-in for either in-person or online training. With this training, you get all the necessary basics of being a freight broker. In addition, you’ll also get help with job placement after the training.

Certificate and License Requiredto Become a Freight Broker in Delaware

Delaware doesn’t require any special state-issued certificate/license from you to be a freight broker in the state. However, you are under federal jurisdiction as a freight broker, so you must obtain a special license.

Freight brokers in the United States are under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). And to become a certified freight broker, you must obtain the Federal Freight Broker license – the Motor Carrier Authority license (MCA) from the FMCSA.

The basic requirement to get the MCA is a high school diploma or GED. Once you meet that basic requirement, you’ll have to follow the following steps to get your license:

  • Apply for aUSDOT (Department of Transportation) number
  • Obtain a Surety Bond (Form BMC-84) or Trust Fund Agreement (Form BMC-85) of $75,000 or higher
  • Appoint a Process Agent and apply for their registration through FMCSAForm BOC-3(Your Process Agent is the legal representative in the state where you will be operating as a broker.)
  • Pay the $300 application fee
  • Wait 4-6 weeks for your license to be processed

As for certifications, you don’t require any certification to start working as a freight broker/agent once you have your license. However, getting certifications gives you more experience and training. Consider it a step to quickly increase your growth in the industry.

If you’re considering getting one, Certified Transportation Broker (CTB) offered by the Transportation Intermediaries Association is a great choice to consider.

Career Outlook and Salary Expectations

The salary expectation of Delaware is a little less than in some states. The industry is estimated to continue to grow bigger as the shipping industry expands. However, it is not competitive enough to keep an attractive career path.

As of May 2020, about 130 freight brokers are working in Delaware. That is an 18% increase from the 110 freight brokers employed in 2018.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a freight broker is around $17.55 per hour, with a mean average salary of $36,510 annually. Top freight brokers in the 90th percentile can make up to $30 per hour and around $62,470 per year.

While as a newbie, you might start a little less than the average at $21,910 annually or around $10 per hour.

Working as a Freight Broker in Delaware

Like most states, Freight brokers are relevant to the shipping industry and are well-sorted after. Even though Delaware is one of the smallest states in the United States, the shipping industry is quite active, with tons of freight moving in and out of the state. You’ll get enough workload to keep you busy and well-compensated as a freight broker.

However, you might consider highly-populated areas like Camden and Wilmington if you’re after higher compensation and more work.

As a freight broker, you can start as an independent broker or start working with a registered brokerage firm. Regardless of your choice, as long as you provide excellent services and pay attention to trends, you can build a successful career quickly.