Haulage is the transportation of goods by truck. It’s a common mode of transport for moving goods over short distances, and it’s often used for delivering goods to retail and commercial businesses. There are a number of different ways to organize a haulage, depending on the needs of the customer. Typically, a haulage will involve a driver and a truck, but there can be more people involved if needed. For example, if the customer needs loading and unloading services, or help to get the goods to and from the truck.

There are a few things to keep in mind when organizing a haulage:

  • The weight and size of the goods being transported.
  • The distance between pick-up and delivery points.
  • The availability of trucks and drivers.

These factors will help determine the cost and schedule of the haulage. As with any type of transportation, it’s important to compare quotes from different providers to get the best deal.

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