There are several definitions of a hub:

  1. A large retailer or manufacturer has many trading partners. A hub in logistics refers to a central location where goods are received and distributed to various destinations.
  2. A reference for a transportation network as a “hub and spoke” is common in the airline and trucking industry. For example, a hub airport serves as the focal point for the origin and termination of long-distance flights.
  3. A common connection point for devices in a network.
  4. A web “hub” is one of the initial names for what is now known as a “portal.” It came from the creative idea of producing a website that would contain many different services (such as email, news, weather, etc.), instead of just providing links to other websites.

In general, a hub refers to a central location or point where multiple activities or connections take place. In the context of logistics, a hub is an important part of the supply chain and plays a critical role in the distribution of goods to various destinations.