One-Piece Flow

A one-piece flow is a production system whereby each workstation produces one piece of product at a time, rather than producing in batches.

The main advantage of this system is that it reduces the overall production time by eliminating the need to transfer products between workstations. This also results in a decreased likelihood of errors, as each piece is only worked on once. In addition, an one-piece flow system can be more flexible than a batch system, as it can more easily accommodate changes in demand or product design.

One-piece flow is often used in lean manufacturing environments, as it aligns with the principles of reducing waste and increasing efficiency. However, it is not always possible to implement a one-piece flow system, particularly in cases where products are large or require a long production time. In these cases, a hybrid system may be used, whereby products are produced in small batches but transferred between workstations on a one-piece basis.

In general, an one-piece flow system will result in a shorter overall production time and fewer errors than a batch system.

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