Pick-Up Order

A Pick-Up Order (P.O.) is a document that authorizes the designated party to pick up cargo or equipment from a specified location. The P.O. typically contains information such as:

  • the shipper’s name and address,
  • the consignee’s name and address,
  • a description of the goods,
  • the date of shipment,
  • and the point of origin.

The P.O. may also include special instructions for handling the shipment.

The P.O. is an important document in the logistics process because it ensures that the correct party picks up the shipment and that the shipment arrives at its destination safely and on time. Without a P.O., there is a risk that the shipment could be delayed or lost.

If you are responsible for arranging logistics for your company, it is important to be familiar with Pick-Up Orders and how they work. This will help you to ensure that your shipments are handled correctly and arrive at their destination on time.

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