Profitable to Promise

Profitable to Promise (PTP) is an enterprise software technology that considers all available resources and constraints to optimize profitability when creating customer promises. PTP is the logical evolution of Available to Promise (ATP) and Capable to Promise (CTP). While the first two are necessary for profitability, they aren’t sufficient. For enterprises to survive in a competitive environment, profit optimization is a vital technology.

In logistics, PTP can be used to create optimal delivery schedules that take into account all available resources, such as:

PTP can also consider various constraints, such as capacity limits, traffic conditions, and weather. By considering all of these factors, PTP can generate delivery schedules that optimize for both cost and customer satisfaction.

PTP is a powerful tool for logistics companies, but it can also be used in other industries. For example, PTP can be used to optimize production schedules, taking into account all available resources and constraints. By using PTP, enterprises can ensure that they are making the most profitable decisions possible.

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