Truckload Lot

A truckload Lot, also known as TL Lot, is a shipment of goods that qualifies for a lower freight rate because it meets a minimum weight and/or volume requirement.

In order to qualify for a TL Lot rate, the goods must be transported by an individual truck rather than being combined with other shipments in a trailer or container. Truckload Lots are usually shipped from one location directly to another, but they can also include deliveries made along the way if those destinations meet certain requirements.

There are several factors that determine whether or not a shipment can be classified as a TL Lot. These include the total weight and volume of all items included in the load, as well as their distance from the origin to the destination. Additionally, many companies have their own specific requirements that must be met in order for a load to qualify as a TL Lot.

The benefits of shipping via TL Lot include:

  • lower freight rates,
  • fewer delays,
  • in addition, since TL Lots are typically shipped direct, there is less risk of damage or loss during transit.

If you are considering shipping your goods via TL Lot, make sure to check with your logistics provider to see if your shipment qualifies.