Association of American Railroads

The Association of American Railroads (AAR) is a trade association representing railroads in the United States and Canada. The AAR represents over twenty-six Class I railroads, regional railroads, and switching and terminal railroads. In addition to promoting safety in the railroad industry, the AAR also promotes US rail transportation policy.

The AAR was founded in 1934 by six railroad executives, assuming the functions of three predecessor groups. The association’s website states that it is “a voluntary trade organization serving rail carriers including freight railroads and passenger railroads, as well as equipment manufacturers, parts suppliers, and others in industry.”

The AAR is divided into three Divisions. Freight Railway Division has 16 members representing Class I Railroads in North America. Intercity Passenger Rail Coalition (IPRC) was organized as a division of the AAR on October 1st 2015 to provide a unified voice for all U.S.-based passenger trains. In addition to those two , there are also 12 more organizations representing other passenger-only services such as inter-city bus, paratransit, light rail and subways.

The AAR is headquartered in Washington, D.C., at the same location as the Surface Transportation Board, another division of DOT. The groups work together on issues related to the nation’s rail system.

Representing Class I freight railroads are 16 members of Freight Railway Division including BNSF Railway , Canadian National Railway Company , CSX Transportation , Kansas City Southern Railway Company , Norfolk Southern Railway Company, Union Pacific Railroad . Representing regional and short line freight railroads are approximately 38 members of Regional Rail & Short Line Divisions including Alaska Railroad Corporation , Allegheny Valley Railroad Company , Arkansas & Missouri Railroad Co. Inc., Chicago SouthWestern Rail Road Company , G&W Rail, LLC, Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad Co. , Iowa Interstate Railroad , Lehigh Valley Railroad Company , Louis Dreyfus Rail Services USA Inc., Morristown & Erie Railway Corporation and many more. Representing passenger-only services and equipment manufacturers and parts suppliers are 10 members of Passenger Rail Division .

The AAR board of directors is composed of all the leaders from the major freight railroads in North America. The organization employs an executive vice president and a staff of 15 lawyers and administrative professionals to carry out its mission. Each member run railroad has three votes on all matters before the board while Canadian railways have one vote each if they choose to participate in board matters.

The AAR is closely connected to the Transportation Communications Union and the International Maintenance of Way Association for employees within the rail industry. CAR also works with Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association (REMSA) to promote railroad engineering companies who work in modernization of railways in North America. In Canada, the Railway Association of Canada represents most major freight railways including Canadian National/Canadien National Railway , Canadian Pacific Railway Limited .

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Association of American Railroads