Break Bulk Cargo

A break bulk cargo is a type of freight that is not containerized. This means that the cargo is not packed in a shipping container and must be handled and transported manually. Break bulk cargo can include items like machinery, vehicles, or raw materials.

Since break bulk cargoes are not containerized, they require more time and labor to load and unload. This can make them more expensive to transport than cargo that is containerized. However, break bulk cargoes also tend to be less expensive to buy than containerized cargo.

Break bulk cargo is often transported by sea, but it can also be transported by truck or rail. When transporting break bulk cargo by sea, the freight is typically loaded onto a ship in smaller batches, or “piers.” Once the ship reaches its destination, the cargo must be unloaded and distributed manually.

The use of break-bulk has declined in recent years as more and more companies have switched to using containerized freight. However, there are still some industries that rely on break bulk cargoes for transport. For example, the construction industry often uses break bulk cargoes to transport heavy equipment and machinery.

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