A Carnet, or ATA Carnet, is a Customs document that is used to temporarily import or export goods without paying duty or value-added tax (VAT). A Carnet is valid for one year and can be used for multiple trips. The Carnet must be presented to Customs at the time of entry and exit.

A Carnet is often used in logistics when goods are being transported between countries. It can help speed up the customs process, as the Carnet allows for tax-free movement of the goods. It is also a helpful document when importing or exporting goods for trade shows or exhibitions.

ATA stands for Admission Temporaire, in French and Temporary Admission in English. A Carnet is also known as a Merchandise Passport.

An ATA Carnet is a two-sided green document. The front side is for the Customs officials and the back side is for the exporter or importer. The document has a barcode and a QR code.

When using a Carnet, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the goods must be re-exported within the one-year period. Second, the Carnet cannot be used for duty-free import of goods into the country of issuance.

Some examples of ATA Carnet use are:

  • Exporting a car from the California to Canada
  • Exporting goods for a trade show in France
  • Importing goods into Florida for a trade show
  • Importing a car into Canada for a vacation

For example, let’s say you are shipping two boxes of goods from the Ohio to Canada. You would need to complete an ATA Carnet and present it to Customs at the time of entry into Canada. The Carnet would be valid for one year and allow you to move the goods tax-free between countries.

If you are importing a car into Canada, you would also need to complete an ATA Carnet. The Carnet would be valid for one year and allow you to bring the car into Canada without paying duty or value-added tax.

You must, however, re-export the car within the one-year period. If you do not re-export the car, you will be liable for duty and taxes when you leave Canada.

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