Carton Flow Rack

A carton flow rack is a specific type of storage rack that is designed to store goods in boxes or cartons. The racks are usually arranged in a single file, with each layer sloping towards the front so that items can be easily accessed. Carton flow racks are typically used for small parts and components, as well as for inventory that is frequently accessed.

The main benefit of using a carton flow rack is that it can help to speed up the picking process. Since the items are arranged in a single file, workers can easily access the products they need. This can save time and improve efficiency in the workplace. Additionally, carton flow racks can help to optimize space usage in a warehouse or storage facility.

Gravity flow conveyors can be used in conjunction with carton flow racks to further improve the picking process. These conveyors help to move items from one location to another, so that workers can easily access them. This can help to speed up the packing and shipping process, and can also help to keep the workplace organized and efficient.

The advantages of a carton flow rack are:

  • Speeds up the picking process
  • Optimizes space usage
  • Helps to keep the workplace organized and efficient.

Carton Flow Racks are classed as FIFO storage. FIFO stands for ‘First In, First Out’. This means that the items stored in a carton flow rack will be accessed in the order that they were placed into the rack. This is beneficial for businesses that need to keep track of their inventory and ensure that older items are not sold or used before newer ones.

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