Cycle Time to Process Obsolete and End-of-Life Product Returns for Disposal

The total time to process goods returned as obsolete and end of life to actual disposal. This cycle time includes the time a Return Product Authorization (RPA) is created to the time the RPA is approved, from Product Available for Pickup to Product Received and from Product Receipt to Product Disposal/Recycle.

The average cycle time for this process can vary by company, product, or region. However, understanding this cycle time is important for companies who want to improve their logistics and disposal processes. Reducing the cycle time can save money and resources.

There are a few ways to reduce the cycle time:

  1. Streamline the process so that approvals happen more quickly.
  2. Use technology that speeds up the process.
  3. Train employees on how to quickly and accurately process returns.
  4. Ensure that products are classified correctly so they can be disposed of quickly and efficiently.

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