Dock Receipt

A dock receipt is a document used to accept materials or equipment at an ocean pier or accepted location. This provides the ocean carrier with verification of receipt and the delivering carrier with proof of delivery. The dock receipt will also generally include information on the cargo, such as a description, quantity, and unit weight. This is important for both shipping and customs purposes.

  • Dock receipts are generally issued by the ocean carrier, but can also be issued by a freight forwarder or other agent acting on behalf of the shipper.
  • Once the cargo has been loaded onto the vessel, the dock receipt should be signed by a representative from the carrier and given to the shipper.
  • The shipper will then use this document when making any insurance claims.
  • The dock receipt should then be surrendered to the carrier upon arrival at the destination port, where it will be used to verify that the cargo has been delivered.

Dock receipts are an important part of the shipping process and help to ensure that both shippers and carriers are protected in case of any damages or losses.

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