Hundredweight (CWT)

A hundredweight is a pricing unit used in transportation, usually equal to 100 pounds. It can also be abbreviated as “CWT” and pronounced “hundred-weight”. The term is mostly used in the United States, but it may also be encountered in other English-speaking countries.

  • The hundredweight is a relatively small unit compared to other weight measurements, such as tons or kilograms.
  • In the context of logistics and shipping, it is most commonly used to refer to the weight of a shipment that is below the maximum weight allowed by a particular transportation company or airline.
  • For example, a shipment that weighs 150 pounds would typically be described as “one hundred fifty CWT” when talking to a freight broker or shipping company.

The hundredweight is also used as a unit of measure for certain commodities, such as grains and other agricultural products. For example, a “hundredweight of corn” would refer to 100 pounds of corn. This terminology is less common than it used to be, but it can still be found in some parts of the United States.

In general, the hundredweight is not a particularly important unit in the context of logistics and shipping. However, it can be useful for describing very small shipments, or for indicating the weight of a commodity when talking to a supplier or buyer.

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