Load Tender (Pick-Up Request)

A Load Tender, also known as a Pick-Up Request, is an offer of cargo for transport by a shipper. Load tender terminology is primarily used in the motor industry.

  1. A load tender is typically created when a company needs to transport goods and contact a carrier to solicit pricing for the job.
  2. The carrier will then provide a quote that the company can accept or decline.
  3. If the company accepts the carrier’s quote, a load tender is issued.

The load tender will contain information about the shipment including:

  • the pick-up and delivery locations,
  • dates,
  • times,
  • any special instructions.

Once the load tender is issued, the carrier will be responsible for picking up and delivering the shipment as specified in the load tender.

Load tenders are an important part of the logistics process and help to ensure that shipments are delivered as expected. By issuing a load tender, companies can be sure that their shipment will be handled by a professional carrier who will deliver it safely and on time.

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