Pick List

A pick list is a list of items to be picked from stock in order to fill an order. The pick list generation and the picking method can be quite sophisticated.

There are various ways to generate a pick list:

  • The most common way is to use a software system that calculates the most efficient route through the warehouse based on the items to be picked. This type of system is known as a Warehouse Management System (WMS).
  • Other methods include using barcodes or RFID tags attached to products, which are read by scanners as they are being picked.

Thepickingmethod can also vary depending on the type of product and the quantity being picked. For example, if only a few items need to be picked, it may be faster to do so by hand. However, if a large number of items need to be picked, it may be more efficient to use a forklift or other type of mechanized equipment.

The goal of using a pick list is to minimize the time and effort required to fill an order. By using an efficient picking method and route, orders can be filled more quickly and accurately. This ultimately leads to satisfied customers and increased profits for the business.

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