Private Trucking Fleets

Private fleets serve the needs of their owners and do not ordinarily offer commercial trucking services to other customers. Private fleets typically perform distribution or service functions.

A private fleet may be owned by a company that produces and sells goods, or by a company that provides services. For example, a manufacturing company may have its own fleet of trucks to deliver goods to customers, or a utility company may have its own fleet of trucks to provide service to customers.

Private fleets are usually operated by the companies that own them, rather than by independent contractors. This allows the companies to better control their costs and schedules, and to ensure that their drivers are properly trained and qualified.

Private fleets can offer many benefits to their owners, including:

  • more control over costs and schedules,
  • and the ability to ensure that drivers are properly trained and qualified.

However, private fleets can also be expensive to operate. And they may not always be the best option for a company’s needs.

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