Zone Picking

Zone picking is a method of organizing inventory in a warehouse or storeroom that groups items together by arrears to help with order picking.

  • This type of inventory organization typically involves dividing the space into different zones, each with its own location for storing or retrieving goods.
  • This makes it faster and easier to pick orders when they are ready to be distributed since all items in an order will usually need to be picked from the same zone.

However, zone picking can also make it more difficult to manage stock levels, since separate pieces within an order may have been assigned to separate locations or zones. As a result, special attention must be paid to managing these stock levels when using this strategy for organizing inventory in a warehouse.

In general, zone picking is a very useful method for optimizing order picking and distribution processes in a warehouse or storeroom. However, it does require careful management to ensure that items are always available when needed. This may involve having additional stock on hand for each zone so that extra inventory is kept just outside of the zones themselves as a buffer against shortages.

With this approach, it can be possible to achieve both higher levels of productivity and efficiency in terms of how orders are picked and distributed, while also maintaining adequate stock levels at all times.

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