Container Freight Station Charge

Container Freight Station Charges (CFS) are assessed for services performed at the loading or discharge location. The charge is based on the weight of the cargo and the distance it has to travel.

The CFS charge is usually a fraction of the total shipping cost, and is included in your invoice from the freight forwarder. Shippers should ask their freight forwarder about any applicable CFS charges before you book a shipment.

The CFS fee is charged for any consolidation or deconsolidation work performed in the freignt station. This includes packing and unpacking, stuffing and unstuffing, and drayage.

CFS charges can be a significant expense for shippers who are not prepared for them. It’s important to factor these charges into your shipping budget when planning a move. By understanding the CFS fee structure, you can avoid any unpleasant surprises when your freight arrives at its destination.

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