Delivery Order

A delivery order is a document that is issued by the customs broker to the ocean carrier as authority to release the cargo to the appropriate party. The delivery order is also commonly referred to as a “customs release.” The key information that is included on a delivery order includes:

  • The name of the shipper,
  • The name of the consignee,
  • A description of the goods that are being shipped,
  • The quantity of goods being shipped,
  • The vessel name and voyage number,
  • Bill of lading number.

Once the ocean carrier has received the delivery order, they will then release the shipment to either the shipper or the consignee (depending on who is listed on the delivery order). It is important to have a clear understanding of what a delivery order is and how it works. This will help ensure that your shipment is released in a timely manner and without any delays.

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